Who are your five?

Five Spaces is a simple, fun way to support the creators and causes you care about. With crowdmining, the people and organizations you choose get the mining rewards; no ads, subscriptions or paywall required. Your computer does all the work!


Watch your favorite videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, and any other free, public site. When you click through a Five Spaces launch page, the creators get a share of rewards, redeemable for coin or cash.

So do you! It's like advertising in reverse.


If you are reading these words, you are plugged into the greatest arsenal of knowledge, hope, and human connection the world has ever assembled. That is reason for optimism.

The web entertains, educates, and informs. We lose something when all our information is spoon-fed to us by a single algorithm, on a single service.

Whether we are researching homework or choosing new podcasts for our morning commutes, the Internet works best when we draw from many sources. This is the power of the link.


Among Millennials and Generation X, compassion fatigue is on the rise. We are beseiged by online appeals for time and money, but we often feel tapped out. Now it's easier than ever to support the causes that matter most. All you need is an Internet connection.


Experience the grassroots. Five Spaces doesn’t replace other social networks, but it helps you support what matters most. As both a crowdmining and a content discovery platform, you are constantly offered new choices and links to explore. All these come from real people, just like you.

Ad Free

Every time you see an online ad, there's something else you're not seeing. Maybe it's photos from the time you volunteered at a beach cleanup. Maybe it's breaking news. Artists and nonprofits pay the exact same advertising rates as large corporations, even to reach existing followers. We are different.

Powered by Attention Based Currency

We use the power of the blockchain to empower ordinary people.

How It Works

Client-side mining uses a tiny percentage of CPU resources to solve complex math problems known as hash equations. You don't need to install any software. Mining stops when you close the Five Spaces browser tab. Because our script keeps the hash rate low, you will not notice any effect on performance.


Unlike almost every major advertising-funded site, the Five Spaces revenue model does not depend on selling our customers' personal data to advertisers. We will never share your data without your informed consent. We respect your privacy, and we believe the choice should always be up to you.


Do you have 1000 or more followers? Crowdmining can help you pay the bills. Just as important, it strengthens your relationship with your online community. A Five Spaces launch page informs and connects at the same time it raises funds. We help you reach young people and families who may not yet be in the habit of making regular donations to charity. Think of it as training wheels for giving.